Mainchem build a professional and Passion team to promote chemical products. In order to better serve customers’ needs , With the unremitting effort, many new foreign customers have began to know Mainchem.

In order to achieve in today and the future’s sustainable growth, Mainchem is continuously engaged in exploring new markets, looking for new partners, as well as making contributions to the society.

Mainchem shoulder the mission of enterprise to protect the environment. it will strive for the safe, healthy and harmonious society with the concept of sustainable development. it has aimed to be a excellent chemicals supplier .

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  • Mainchem owns the ability to provide products from kilograms to tons.
  • Mainchem has many experienced experts and excellent manufacturing equipment.
  • Providing the reliable quality, competitive prices and priority service to our customers.
  • Establish good business relationships with you to get a Eco-friendly future.
  • We offer free support because we care about your samples as much as your orders.
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