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China Hydroquinone supplier

CAS No.123-31-9
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AppearanceWhite or nearly white solid
ApplicationPharmaceutical Intermediates, Organic Intermediate
Purity99% min
Place of Origin:China
Packaging DetailsAluminum foil bag for within 10kg
Fiber drum for 10kg and more



Founded in 2014, MainChem, your reliable Hydroquinone supplier in Xiamen, China, loyal and honest is the first reason.

They has at the heart of its managerial operations a department of dedicated data analysts to interpret all business information. Based on the information coming out of that very same data processing, all other departments adjust operations accordingly to match.

What this entails is a seamless consolidation of the business process to adapt to the specifics of a single client. The more data gathered and analyzed in their particular situation allows them to chart the course to provide the best service. Something they attain by having both the QC and QA departments adapt and verify the whole sourcing and supplying process.

While sales and after-sale customer services manage the actual acquisition and retaining of business performing with the utmost client-oriented focus. MainChem guarantees its customers to put at their disposal a large capacity chemical production while also helping them measure costs.

MainChem also offers a one-stop-solution service that delights its biggest customer for how seamless it is to supply from them. Chief among those big customers are Human, Chemprof, Aglycon, among others that appreciate its large-scale providing capabilities.



Tonking is a large producer and exporter of Botanical extracts. The company is specialized in producing dehydrated vegetables, liquid herbal extract, juice powder, and herbal medicine raw material. Founded in 2008, your trusted Hydroquinone supplier in Shaanxi, China. Tonking provides quality botanical extracts in its 50,000 square meter manufacturing facility located at Baoji. With about 50 trained workforces, the company has implemented and maintains a quality management system with the best maintenance strategy.

The company is well integrated as it provides plant products and services solutions on the fastest possible route to their customers. It uses top-quality components for manufacturing botanical extract for long service life and superb performance. When it comes to quality, it supplies high-end plant extract with highly supporting services. Plant extracts produced by Tonking are used in the downstream manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and so on. A lot has been inspired by its trade shows to embrace a healthier and live a more active life.

Because of its vast expertise, it has traded with a considerable amount of buyers from around the world. The rapid growth of this company can be proven by its success in establishing its customer-base in Europe and America. The company has an annual production capacity of about 5,000mt, and supply more than 1,000mt plant extract in a year. It means you can get the best quality products of plant extract from the company consistently. Likewise, these products are made easily assessable to other buyers outside china and international traders.

The success of this company is evident from the fact that it has experienced lead five times. As the company offers high-quality, science-backed products, it promotes an ideal condition for intensive networking between science and agriculture. With a substantial amount of experience of over a decade, Tonking has achieved a wide-spread network and product certification. In the future, its goal is to nourish international business relations and continual improvement of the global marketplace.



Greenway is one of the fastest-growing and immensely workable manufacturers in the health and body care global market. This company is a trading enterprise with maximized productivity, product quality operating parameters, and processes. Founeded in 2015, Greenway, on a large scale, is specialized in functional food and cosmetics ingredients. As Greenway works in an optimum condition to produce quality ingredients, and ensure all production processes meet the product specification.

Based in Suzhou, Greenway has expertise in terms of process control, process improvement, and expansion. The company has invested in monitoring and optimizing the performance of the production process and ensures compliance with quality regulations. Greenway products are undoubtedly excellent. They are available in diverse ranges, whether in bulk quantity or a limited amount. In its facility, the company has sequences of equipment to transform input material into finished products.

With a large trading capacity, the company has the flexibility to create a culture that fosters both teamwork and results. Greenway focuses not only on technical skills but also on soft skills such as the drive to serve its customers. This has helped to establish a good reputation in the market, especially in Asia, Oceania, and Africa.  Based on its area of expertise, the company serves food, cosmetics, and personal care industries. With a plethora of product directory, the Greenway has very efficient features designed to provide convenience to you.

Greenway aims at delivering the products within the minimum period while keeping the quality and reliability of products under focus. Having earned its customers’ trust, the company works to provide you with the best services. With a unique blend of innovation, this assessed supplier has been verified to help build your growth on trust. It has a fast and sophisticated system that guarantees quality and free access to the range of in-demand products. Greenway has in view to take many steps ahead in the global market and to spread its value and culture.

Look chemical


Look chemical Ltd is one of the new chemical enterprises that simplifies and expedites chemical production and supply processes. Situated in Jinan, the company was founded in 2017. The company focuses on researching new-born API, and carbohydrate derivatives to improve food and cosmetics development via innovative biochemical. Being new, the company focuses on offering premium products with competitive prices and high-quality services with a human touch.

The company provides professional customer service by responding to inquiries as quickly as possible and also provides all information necessary. Look chemical is knowledgeable about shipping logistics and timing; therefore, it ensures deliveries are made in time. With flexibility and readiness to meet your needs, the Look chemical is compliant with quality control and hazardous shipment regulations. It also has approved credibility owing to its customer reviews. The more it gets older, the more it becomes more reliable.

Since its establishment, the company has been making changes to process specifications and delivery to meet higher standards. It also takes necessary measures to find and eliminate sources of quality problems through tools and equipment in the factory. This is a set of activities done to ensure your requirements are continually met. The company integrates the supply of products mainly across Europe and North America.

In essence, the company produces inventory and products suitable for use to a high level of consistency. For the record, products are well-sourced as the company is dedicated to achieving a standard service and quality benchmark. With the help of about 50 experts, the company can evaluate its products and improve the quality of service. This is why the company focuses on identifying and correcting adverse quality-related events to foster production change. In the future, it intends to increase its business productivity, reduce cost, increase output, and creates reliability.

Xi’an Harmonious


Xi’an Harmonious is a leader in bio-manufacturing technologies, which is the development of pharmaceutical raw materials, food, and cosmetic industries. Founded in 2017, Harmonies was founded by HBN plants factory and look towards research and development as a strategic business objective. Located at Shaanxi, the company is focused on the development and processing of pharmaceutical raw materials. The main products of the company are API products, plant extract, food ingredients, lab fine chemical, and customization.

Harmonious items are of a recommended quality as it follows good manufacturing practices to guarantee quality products in its productions. Its products comprise of the base prerequisites that pharmaceutical makers need to meet. Since its establishment is dedicated to intermediate production and the import and export of natural plant extracts. This pharmaceutical manufacturer is sensitive and responsive. It supplies plant medicinal active ingredients and other pharmaceuticals as per consumer’s expectation.

The company has improved the efficiency of scientific research by using market-based incentives to promote collaboration with consumers. This has helped to develop products for severe unmet medical needs in its GMP factory. Its organizational guidelines set to ensure productivity, and the quality of products is quite impressive.

With the help of biochemical insights, the company has managed to accumulate a large amount of data to develop productions. The company has about 50 employees with technical and professional experience in various aspects of pharmaceutical development. While Harmonies promotes diversity on its management team, it builds to survive the long generation time required for pharmaceutical development.

Harmonies’ unique combination of high volume capability and expertise enables it to meet the expectations and growing needs of the consumer. This is a reliable indication of how well this company is performing concerning overall operations, services, and quality. To ensure full maximization of production and effectiveness, the company improves its supply chains and efficiency. It operates a strict quality control system and works on the logistics of getting its products to the final destination.

Taian Health


Health chemical Ltd is a publicly-traded manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical intermediates, inorganic salt, petrochemical, acid, and organic chemicals. Founded in 2012, the company uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing health chemical needs. The company is a subsidiary of Shandong wan Steel group, a large group comprising small affiliates varying in business segments. The group operates businesses in steel, chemicals, and machinery while building up to their business ecosystem.

However, health chemical Ltd combines chemical solutions to provide healthy chemical products to improve lives. Health chemical Ltd holds an industry-inventory of resources and is one of the large integrated chemical manufacturers. The company’s manufacturing facility maintains a clean and hygienic area. The company endeavors to maintain controlled environmental conditions to prevent cross-contaminations that may render products unsafe for human use.

During production, any changes that affect the quality of the product are usually validated as necessary. The company also measures the process output by adhering to well-defined protocols to ensure quality by production. About 20 people that work at health chemical Ltd are highly qualified technical experts who exhibit fascinating workplace conduct. Complaints about market products are examined, and the causes of quality defects are checked from time to time.

Health chemical Ltd is certified for conforming to the quality management system that guarantees the production of high-end products. For the record, it has been assessed and independently verified as a supplier to help build its business-relationship with you on trust. The company is very assessable to customers, and its profitability allows for annual turnover revenue of over $5 million.

Health chemical has extended its territory into almost everywhere human beings can breathe, especially in Africa and America. The company aims to develop smart health chemicals that could drastically change the future of the industry. Companies like health chemical Ltd is creating health’s culture through the use of technology that inherently develops the health sector.



Shijitongda is a china-based chemical manufacturer that is currently catering to buyers around the world. The company has been in the market since 2009, trading a variety of high-quality chemical products globally. It accelerates new-age technologies to update the world with innovative chemical solutions formed with efficient processes. It has successfully established its foot in the world market as it has invested in research and development of quality products. Shijitongda fuses quality control and transparency from which you can explore a wide range of industrial-grade chemical products.

The company expanded its business more in the domestic market and supplied its product mainly in south Asia and mid-east. With over ten years of experience, Shijitongda has earned customers trust as it offers quality products for the best price. It caters to the chemical needs of people through its intelligent innovations and can help get your hands on quality products. Customers’ satisfaction is the main focus as they update product information daily and solve quality complaints.

No matter where you are physically situated, you can easily buy your desired items from any corner of the world. Shijitongda owns a vast directory of quality products covering different chemicals with the supply ability of 200tons per month. Here, you can rely on the company to get the best quality products at the most market competitive price. The company provides the best quality and safest products, including organic synthetic intermediate, pharmaceutical intermediate, chemical reagent, and much more.

With a considerable number of experts, it gives you a chance to explore the global market of filtered and unadulterated chemicals. Being a well-versed chemical supplier, Shijitongda maintains industry standards and practices to ensure you are provided with the best resources possible. It also retains its certified facility and set out to handle your projects with integrity, efficiency, and privacy.



Guanlang Biotech (Hebei) Co., Ltd is a multinational Chinese company that established its presence in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, in 2015. This chemical supply company accelerates new-age technologies to update the world with innovative chemical solutions formed with an efficient process. Guanlang is one of the market leaders in APIs, Antiseptic fungicide, daily chemicals, Dye intermediate, and various industrial chemicals.

Good infrastructure is the necessary condition for the quality management system and the development of manufacturing industries. Therefore, the company has invested in advanced facilities with technical strength for large production. Guanlang is one of the best exporters of modern high-tech chemical enterprise with research and production. Relevant chemical products were kept in their priority list to remain as one of the best chemical companies.

With a portfolio of over 20 products, Guanlang is specialized in pharmaceutical products, dyes intermediates, and veterinary intermediates. The company is reliable if you are looking for an authorized distributor that deals with multiple brand chemicals. They also offer free samples of some of their products on request for you to confirm the product quality. The reason for this quality control is to maintain the standard and reduce complaints to near zero. Guanlang treats complaints respectfully because they focus on every detail and provide customers with all-round services.

Guanlang is an integrated and innovative company that has become a diversified development company. As the company continues to work on quality products persistently, it is dedicated to providing excellent services with faster availability. The company does not only deal with chemicals but also offers end-to-end solutions in real estate, agricultural products, and clothes. Guanlang serves several customers in about 50 countries around the world with its customer base in Europe and America. The company aims to get on the tail end of consumerism and ride to its height.



Haihang chemical is a good source for a lot of specialty chemicals, including pharmaceutical, food ingredients, and inorganic intermediate. Founded in 2008 with its headquarter located in Jinan City. The company ensures optimum designing of chemical products and independent control on production chain management. Apart from these techniques, the company uses various standard tools in production to maintain processes and procedure workflow.  To prevent defects in the finished product, the company improves the quality management system, thus making a proactive quality process.

The prime aim of Haihang chemical is to carry out operational activities that sustain a certain standard of products. All these are carried out in its two workshops, covering an area of 532,800 and 199800 square meters. The company holds a certificate of compliance, which means all products are in tune with the production standard or client requirement.   It is also dedicated to offering many products at reasonable prices with better customer service. The availability of this verified supplier has facilitated global trade and instilled trust in its customers. Due to its experience in chemical production, it is cited as a distinguished enterprise adept in providing quality based services.

The good news is the company weighs heavily in both the quality assurance arena and quality control compared to other organizations. Quality control measures are implemented effectively so that the probability of products defect is reduced significantly. This automatically signifies that the company has ensured that the product has gone through multiple rounds of testing. All these products are tested in its 1000 square meter well-equipped laboratory.  Despite reaching continents across the globe, it still goes on to explore as it has actively invested in Research and development. This is what makes anyone feel trusted with Haihang chemical as the best chemical vendor in the chemical industry.



Hydroquinone suppliers

Lihonda can offer Free Sample for you to test,
is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of drugs, intermediates, and intermediates. provide flexible payment methods for the customer Western Union,PAYPAL,Money Gram, and Credit cards



Founded in 2008, Jin’ao chemical co Ltd operates in functional food and cosmetics ingredients globally. Having expertise in developmental research, for more than ten years, Jin’ao offers production and trade of pharmaceuticals and chemical solvents. Being a leading research company in pharmaceuticals, Jin’ao is also among the most trusted manufacturer and suppliers of organic intermediates.

Jin’ao is a large company that specializes in research, production, and development with complete leading facilities. The facility is equipped with test apparatus and technical experts that produce and make potential replacements when necessary. Diverse researches and productions are carried out to ensure the high-performance of products produced by the company. Depending on how broad you view producers of pharmaceuticals, Jin’ao has a substantial production capability catering to a niche market. Most of the company products are used in pesticide, dye, coating, leather making, and drug industry.

The company’s approach is innovation-based in that they develop chemical solutions that help meet human needs. The key features underlying the development effort are immensely high production specifications and stable continuous operation.  It aims to navigate significant change moment in the chemical industry in a way that impacts your business culture. It is also focused on providing practical production solutions and serving consumers, mainly in the domestic market, Africa, and Europe. When you log in complaints, the company takes appropriate measures concerning the defective products to prevent a recurrence.

The company works with about 50 hardworking, innovative, and customer-minded employees. Once the products are manufactured, they review the production and ensure the process is in order. They also respond to received inquiries within a short time. Since it’s a chemical company, improvement is mostly focused around fixing logical systems, quality production, and outstanding customer service. To them, a quality control system is a very vital company. Therefore, the company aims to continue to produce highly consistent products both for efficacy and safety.

Top Hydroquinone Supplier Distributor list

Company NameTelWebSiteNationality
Amia Biochemical Industrial Co., Ltd0519-8822026www.chemrenblock.comChina
Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.800 227 0651www.avantilipids.comUnited States
Amatek Chemical Co., Ltd0512-58356800www.amatek.com.cnChina
Xiangfan Gaolong Phosphous Chemical Co., Ltd0710-5180980www.xyglchem.comChina
Zonti Pharmaceutical & Chemical Research Institute0523-87512906www.zontichem.comChina
Yancheng Huaou Chemical Works0515-88710001www.huaouchem.comChina
Ningbo Huamao Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd0574-87199729www.huamaonb.comChina
Guizhou Hongkai Chemical Co., Ltd.0855-2673548www.gzhkchem.comChina
Zhejiang Hailan Chemical Co., Ltd.86-0570-3880193www.hailanchem.comChina
Suzhou Inter-China Chemical Co., Ltd0512-68832011www.inter-chinachem.comChina