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Chemical NameBenzaldehyde
CAS No.100-52-7
Molecular Formula:C7H6O
Molecular Weight:106.12
AppearanceColorless liquid
Melting point-26℃
Boiling point178℃
Solidification Point-26℃
StorageStore cool, dry and ventilated
Density1.044~1.049 g/cm3( (20℃) 1.041~1.046 g/cm3( (25℃)



Benzaldehyde is a versatile building block in the synthesis of many different complex molecules for use in products. It is an important material in pharmaceuticals, dyes, spices and resin industries. It is also used as solvents, plasticizers and low temperature lubricants. Its unique sweet, aromatic note and odor of almonds, makes it an important component in the formulation of flavor and fragrance products.



1.It is an important material in pharmaceuticals, dyes, spices and resin industries.

2.It is also used as solvents, plasticizers and low temperature lubricants.

Its unique sweet, aromatic note and odor of almonds, makes it an important component in the formulation of flavor and fragrance products.


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Safety Information:


GHS07,       GHS08

RIDADR:  UN 1990 9/PG 3

Top Benzaldehyde Supplier from China


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Jinan Finer Chemical co, ltd also referred to as Finerchem, is a chemical trading company. It is located at new material industrial Park, Jinan City, Shandong, China. The company is engaged in producing and supplying optical brightener products and its intermediates. In 2015, the company was established and certified by china quality certification center for product quality standards.

You might be wondering if Finerchem has import and export rights. Well, the company is permitted to carry out sales within and outside China. Its products have thrived successfully in the domestic market and international market.  These products are majorly exported to Southeast Asia as well as South America. The approximately 50 employees in this Chinese company work on contributing to its customer’s success.

With Finerchem’s unique technology, it credited strong performance in o-Phthalaldehyde, optical brightener, Carbonhydrazide, Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide, and Hexafluoro-2-propanol. Finerchem operates research and development while building a reliable corporation with more than 10 universities in multiple chemical fields.

Recently, the company invested in the production of Electronic chemical and water treatment chemicals. This electronic chemical is used in the semiconductor and liquid crystal industry. These technological ideas implemented may be of benefit to your daily need.

Since the company was set in motion, it has adhered to the business ethics of high quality, integrity, and professionalism. Contrary to what you would assume, most customers prefer a quick and effective response over a delayed answer. Therefore, Finerchem will give a prompt reply to you within 12 hours, its average response time of received inquiries.

The company appears to have opted for incremental expansion, which has garnered it more admiration in the chemical industry. By the increase in the flow of transactions per customer, the company generates total annual revenue of $10million to $50million.

Finerchem is dedicated to contributing to a world with an enhanced quality of life. As part of the restructuring, the company aims to produce more fine chemical pharmaceutical and organic intermediates for a sustainable future.


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Established in 2012, Shangai Ruizheng chemical technology co., Ltd is a publicly-traded Chinese  company. Ruizheng chemical is a subsidiary of Richest group Limited and operates in several countries across the world. The company uses innovation and technology to deliver fine chemicals, food additives, rubber, plastics, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Little wonder why its products have improved living standards around the world.

Before you can rely on the use of any chemical, its quality must be checked as it may contain impurities. Ruizheng chemical produces pure and quality products. And the company is certified for its quality management system standard. This means it has the right to trade chemicals and materials. The company makes use of business opportunities and expands the global market. This is done through exhibitions and researches to develop new products and improve its processing system.

The company manufactures Antioxidant, Zinc oxide, Tetrahydrofuran, lavender oil, and Ethyl Acetate as its primary products. Located in Shanghai, the company has about 50 employees that drive its focus. Ruizheng chemicals have 3 functioning production bases located at Hubei Xianning, Shandong Zhucheng, and Heibis Shijiazhuang.  These facilities cover hundreds of hectares with quality production equipment, several researchers, and technicians.

As you may already know, chemical industries are one of the major income earners for countries. The company operates facilities and provides quality products that thrive both in the local market and abroad. Countries like the US, Russia, Iran, and South Korea have tremendously benefitted from the unique products the company produces.

Since the most world economy is reliant on trade, the company strives to meet a quarter of the world’s chemical demands. One of its efforts is the collaboration with enterprises such as china export for active import and export of products. Likewise, it maintains a stable relationship with research institutes and renowned international enterprises such as LG, Samsung, and Canon. Etc.

You will discover some manufacturers don’t have the required certification in place to carry out business. But this company has an excellent track record in compliance with the required regulatory bodies. With the current annual output of 1 million tons, the company has a worldwide presence for exploration and distribution.

Baowei Technology Qinhuangdao Co Ltd

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The Baowei Technology Group is a Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical company based in Qinhuangdao, China. Established in 1996, Located in Oak Bay Hengduanshan Road, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China

The company has a registered capital of RMB360 million and consists of 12 wholly owned and holding subsidiaries. A large R&D team consisting of over 300 professional chemists results in an R&D spend of RMB100 million per annum. The company holds patents for 193 products, and invention authorizations for 25 products.

The Baowei Technology group is an established chemical engineering company. It’s range of products are suite to chemists who wish to develop health supplements. With an annual turnover of $2.5m – $5m the company is classed as an SME. Certification is held for all major standards, and the products can be safely sold worldwide. In fact, export makes up 80% of the company’s business. Trade terms are typical for a business in this market sector.

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