Project Description

Chemical Name2-Ethoxyethyl acetate
CAS No.111-15-9
Molecular Formula:C6H12O3
Molecular Weight:132.16


Applications: Mmainly used for metal, furniture paint solvents, paint brushes with solvent, also uses as protective coatings, dyes, resin, leather, ink solvent, otherwise can be used in the formulations of metal, glass and other hard surface cleaning agent, and as a chemical reagent.
Synonyms: 2-Aethoxy-aethylacetat;2EEA;2-eea ;2-Ethoxy etheracetate;2-ethoxy-ethanoacetate ;2-Ethoxyethanol, ester with acetic acid;2-ethoxyethanol,esterwithaceticacid ;2-ethoxyethyl;Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate;
Appearance: Colorless Transparent liquid
Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place,

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