Project Description

Chemical Name Ammonium sulfamate
CAS No. 7773-06-0
Molecular Formula: H6N2O3S
EINECS 231-871-7
Molecular Weight: 114.12


Applications: Wide used in pesticide, printing and dyeing, tobacco, controlling tough woody weeds, tree stumps and brambles, building material and textile industry. Used as firming agent, fire retardant, weed killer, softening agent.
Synonyms: Sulfamate dammonium; Ammate X-NI; AMMONIUM AMIDOSULFONATE; Sulfamic acid ammonium salt; Ammonia sulfamate; Ammat; Sepimate; Silvacide; Amcide; Ammate; AMMONIUM SULPHAMATE; Amicide; Sulfaminsaure; Monoammonium sulfamate; Ikurin; Ammoniumsalz der amidosulfonsaure; Sulfamate; AMMONIUM SULFAMATE; AMS; AMINOSULFONIC ACID AMMONIUM SALT; Ammate X; AMMONIUM AMIDOSULPHATE; Atlacide; Root-out; Necco fire retardant 2750, 2578, 2762; Sulfamic acid, monoammonium salt; Ammonium amidosulfate; Ammonium sulphamidate; AMIDOSULFONIC ACID AMMONIUM SALT;
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder

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