Project Description

Chemical Name Bromoacetic acid
CAS No. 79-08-3
Molecular Formula: C2H3BrO2
EINECS 201-175-8
Molecular Weight: 138.95


Applications: Used in the preparation of β-hydroxy carboxylic acid, α, β-unsaturated carboxylic acid; pesticide and medical raw material; as intermediate for organic synthesis
Synonyms: UN 1938; bromoacetic; Monobromoacetic acid; a-Bromoacetic acid; a-Bromoethanoic acid; Acide bromacetique; Aceticacid,bromo-; 2-Bromoacetic acid; bromoacetateion; Kyselina bromoctova; Acetic acid, 2-bromo-; Bromoethanoic acid; Monobromessigsaeure; Bromoacetic acid; alpha-Bromoethanoic acid; To NTU; alpha-bromoethanoicacid; NSC 141; acidebromacetique; Bromaceticacid;
Appearance: White crystals

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