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China CAS 7758-2-3 Supplier

Chemical Name Calcium Bromide
CAS No. 7789-41-5
Molecular Formula: CaBr2
Molecular Weight: 199.89


Applications: Mainly used for offshore oil drilling completion fluid, cementing fluid, workover fluid.
Synonyms: CALCIUM (II) BROMIDE;CALCIUM BROMIDE;CaBr2;Calcium bromide (CaBr2);calciumbromide(cabr2) ;calciumbromideanhydrous ;calciumdibromide ;Hydrobromic acid calcium salt;
Storage:It stored in a well-closed container at low temperature, keep away from moisture, heat and light.
Grade Standard:  Electron Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Melting Point: 730°C
Boiling point: 806-812°C
Packaging Details:
Solid: 25kg per PE bag
Liquid: IBC or 200L plastic drum

Technical Index:

Items Index
Solid grade Liquid grade
Appearance White grain or flake solid Colorless to pale yellow liquid
CaBr2 Content ≥ % 95 52
Water content ≤ % 3
Chloride ≤ % 0.5 0.3
Water insoluble ≤ % 0.5
Sulphate ≤ % 0.05 0.03
PH 6-8 7-9
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