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China D-Sorbitol Suppliers

Chemical NameD-Sorbitol
CAS No.50-70-4
Molecular Formula:C₆H₁₄O₆
Molecular Weight:182.17


Applications: D-Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that is naturally found in Toyon berries. D-Sorbitol is used to increase stability of silver nanoparticles and is also used as a sugar substitute.
Synonyms: D-Glucitol; Sorbitol; (-)-Sorbitol; 7B5697N; C*Sorbidex; C*Sorbidex 16100; C*Sorbidex P 16616; CSorbidex 16100; Cerestar P 16616; Cholaxine; Cystosol; D-(-)-Sorbitol; D-Sorbit 50M; D-Sorbol; Diakarmon; E 420; Esasorb; Foodol D 70; Glucarine; Glucarine (Sorbitol Syrup); Glucitol; Karion; Karion (Carbohydrate); Karion Instant; Kyowa Powder 50M; L-Gulitol; LTS P 50M; LTS-P 20M; Multitol; NSC 25944; Neosorb; Neosorb 20/60DC; Neosorb 70/02; Neosorb 70/02SB; Neosorb 70/20; Neosorb 70/70; Neosorb P 20/60; Neosorb P 60; Neosorb P 60W; Nivitin; P 60W; Parteck SI 150; Resulax; Sionit; Sionit K; Sionite; Sionon; Siosan; Sorbex M; Sorbex R; Sorbex Rp; Sorbex S; Sorbex X; Sorbidex 200; Sorbidex NC 16205; Sorbidex P 16616; Sorbidex S 16601; Sorbidex S 16603; Sorbierite; Sorbilande; Sorbilax; Sorbit; Sor;
Storage temp.: Store at RT.

ProductsCAS Number
Dimethyl sulfate77-78-1
Butyl Methacrylate97-88-1