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China CAS NO. 58-86-6 Suppliers

Chemical Name D-(+)-Xylose
CAS No. 58-86-6
Molecular Formula: C₅H₁₀O₅
Molecular Weight: 150.13


Applications: D-Xylose is used in diagnostic malabsorption tests as well as in the production of Furfural.
Synonyms: (+)-Xylose; D-(+)-Xylose; Wood sugar;d-xylos ;Pentose;Xylomed;Xylo-pfan;FEMA 3606;D-(+)-WOOD SUGAR;D-XYL;D-XYLOPYRANOSE;
Appearance: White Solid

Products CAS Number
2-hydroxynaphthalene 135-19-3
Gluconic acid 526-95-4
Trimethyliodosilane 16029-98-4
Fmoc-Phe-OH 35661-40-6
Sodium Percarbonate 15630-89-4
Dextrin 9004-53-9