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Chemical Name Decyl Glucoside
CAS No. 68515-73-1
Molecular Formula: C16H32O6
EINECS 500-220-1
Molecular Weight: 320.22

The product is generally used as a secondary surfactant for personal care cleansing products, because of its excellent mildness, foaming performance and ability to reduce irritation.

Synonyms: APG0810;D-Glucopyranose, oligomeric, decyl octyl glycosides;(C8-10)Alkyl ether of corn sugar;alkyl(c8,c10)polyglycoside;DECYL OCTYL D-GLUCOSE;D-glucose, decyl octyl ethers, oligomeric;Decyl-octyl glycosides oligomer;Octyldecyl Glucoside

Appearance: Colorless,transparent  or light yellow liquid.

Contact us for Alkyl Glucosides APG0810 CAS 68515-73-1 MSDS -Material Safety Data Sheet  and Decyl Glucoside COA-Certificate of Analysis, Product Data Sheet – in PDF Document.

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Keep container in a cool,well-ventilated area
Keep container tightly closed
Keep away from sources of ignition
Keep away from heat


Generally the products are packed in 220 Kgs or  1 ton IBC drum. The packing could also be customized as your request.

Alkyl Glucosides uses and applications include: Wetting agent, coupler, hydrotrope for hard surfactant cleaners; surfactant in personal care

CLASS : Specialty Chemicals

FUNCTIONS : Surfactant

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