Project Description

Chemical Name Diallyl Maleate
CAS No. 999-21-3
Molecular Formula: C10H12O4
EINECS 213-658-0
Molecular Weight: 196.2


Applications: Used as substitute of reagent and is widely used in plastic, coating, film, adhesive, paper treatment agent, pigment fixative, impregnant, dispersant and lubricant.
Synonyms: dlallylmaleate ;Sipomer dam;sipomerdam ;DIALLYL MALEATE, TECH., 93%;DIALLYL MALEATE, MONOMER, STAB.;MALEIC ACID DIALLYL ESTER (STABILIZED WITH HQ) 98+%;Diallylmaleate,95%;2-Butenedioic acid (2Z)-, di-2-propenyl ester;
Appearance: Colorless transparent oily liquid

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