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Chemical Name Diisobutylamine
CAS No. 110-96-3
Molecular Formula: C8H19N
EINECS 203-819-3
Molecular Weight: 129.24


Applications: 1. Used as a polymerization stabilizer for propylene oxide, etc.
2. Used as an organic synthesis intermediate.Used for production of pesticides, corrosion inhibitor and rubber processing chemicals, intermediates. which is corrosive and should be kept at room temperature, dry, closed.
Synonyms: (i-C4H9)2NH;1-Propanamine,2-methyl-N-(2-methylpropyl)- ;2-methyl-n-(2-methylpropyl)-1-propanamin ;amine,diisobutyl ;bis(2-Methylpropyl)amine ;bis(beta-methylpropyl)amine ;Di(-2-methylpropyl)amine;dibutylamine(non-specificname);
Appearance: Colorless Transparent  Liquid

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