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China CAS 67-68-5 Supplier

Chemical NameDimethyl Sulfoxide
CAS No.67-68-5
Molecular Formula:C₂H₆OS
Molecular Weight:78.13


Applications: Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a common aprotic organic solvent used to dissolve both polar and nonpolar compounds. Used primarily for NMR study in its deuterated form DMSO-d6 (D479382) due to its ability to dissolve most analytes as well as its easily identifiable NMR spectrum.
Synonyms: Sulfinylbismethane; Methyl Sulfoxide; DMS 70; DMS 90; DMSO; DMSO Evol; Demasorb; Demavet; Demeso; Demsodrox; Dimethyl sulfoxide; Dimethyl Sulphoxide; Dimethylsulfoxide; Dimexide; Dimexidum; Dipirartril-tropico; Dolicur; Domoso; Dromisol; Durasorb; Gamasol 90; Herpid; Hyadur; Infiltrina; Kemsol; NSC 763; Rimso 50; SQ 9453; Sclerosol; Somipront; Sulfinylbismethane; Syntexan;
Appearance: Clear Colourless Oil
Storage: Refrigerator

Relative ProductsCAS Number
Ethylene carbonate96-49-1
Dimethyl carbonate (DMC)616-38-6
Furfuryl Alcohol98-00-0