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Chemical Name Ethyl 3-Ethyoxypropionate
CAS No. 763-69-9
Molecular Formula: C₇H₁₄O₃
Molecular Weight: 146.18


Applications: Ethyl 3-Ethyoxypropionate is used in the synthesis of phenols and selective inhibitors of cyclin-dependant kinase 4/6 for novel cancer therapies.
Synonyms: Ethoxypropionic Acid Ethyl Ester; Ektapro EEP; Ethyl 3-ethoxypropanoate; Ethyl 3-​Ethoxypropionate; Ethyl 4-Oxahexanoate; Ethyl Ethoxypropionate; Ethyl β-Ethoxypropionate; NSC 8870; Sankio EEP; Ucar Ester EEP;
Appearance: Liquid

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Benzotrichloride 98-07-7
Niacinamide 98-92-0
Asulam 3337-71-1
Isopropyl nitrate 1712-64-7
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