Project Description

Chemical Name Ethyl formate
CAS No. 109-94-4
Molecular Formula: C3H6O2
EINECS 203-721-0
Molecular Weight: 74.08


Applications: Mainly used as solvent of acetic acid or cellulose nitracte, in the essence of daily-use chemicals are occassionally used in modified floral type in edible flavor is mainly used for fruit such as cherry, apricot, peach , strawberry, raspberry , apple, pineaple, bananas, plums, grapes and other, in the wine in rum, brandy, whiskey and white grape , It also can be used as the deployment of daily flavor and pharmaceutical production,
Synonyms: Formic acid, ethyl ester; Ethyl Methanoate; Formic Ether; Formic acid, ethyl ester; Ethyl methanoate;
Appearance: Colorless Liquid, Colorless Liquid

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