Project Description

Chemical Name Ethylamine
CAS No. 75-04-7
Molecular Formula: C2H7N
EINECS 200-834-7
Molecular Weight: 45.08


Applications: Used as solvent for nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate, It is Used in the production of pesticide triazine herbicide, including atrazine and simazine. Also used in dyes, rubber accelerator, surface active agent, antioxidant, ion exchange resin, jet fuel, solvents, detergents, lubricants, metallurgical ore dressing agent, as well as the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Synonyms: Aminoethane; 1-Aminoethane; EA; Ethanamine; Ethylamine anhydrous MEA; Monoethylamine; Ethanamine;ethylamine(70%inwater) ;ethylamine(non-specificname);
Appearance: Colorless liquid

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