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Chemical NameMagnesium Aluminium Silicate
CAS No.1327-43-1
Molecular Formula:Al2F30Mg2Si5
Molecular Weight:812.95


Applications: Used as an in-mix suspending agent . It is also suitable for use as a thickener and viscosity stabilizer. It is also employed as a plasticizing agent, and as a non migrating binder. The material is clean and therefore does not affect whiteness.

Used as Rubber, Tire, Wire &Cable, Adhesive, Glass fiber reinforced plastics, Medical rubber stopper, Catalyst, Fluorescent powder, Ceramics, Polymer resin, Friction material, Silicon Steel MgO, Dye, Coating, Grinding wheel, Feed, Medicine, Lithium magnesium silicate, Ginseng decolor, Fungicide, Daily use goods, Magnesium stearate and so on.
Synonyms: VEEGUM;VEEGUM ULTRA;aluminiummagnesiumsilicate ;aluminosilicicacid,magnesiumsalt ;aluminummagnesiumsilicate ;Magnesiumaluminosilicate ;magnesiumaluminumfluosilicate ;Silicicacid,aluminummagnesiumsalt;
Appearance: White Powder

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