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CAS# 80-48-8 Supplier

Chemical NameMethyl p-Toluenesulfonate
CAS No.80-48-8
Molecular Formula:C₈H₁₀O₃S
Molecular Weight:186.23


Applications: Methyl p-Toluenesulfonate is a sulfonate ester which is a genotoxic impurity present in certain drug substances. It is used as a reagent in the synthesis of novel 3-hydroxy benzaldehyde-N-methyl 4 stilbazolium tosylate crystals which can be used in nonlinear optics applications.
Synonyms: p-Toluenesulfonic Acid Methyl Ester; Methyl 4-Methylbenzenesulfonate; Methyl p-Methylbenzenesulfonate; Methyl p-Tosylate; Methyl Toluene-4-sulfonate; Methyl Toluenesulfonate; Methyl Tosylate; NSC 406335; Toluene-4-sulfonic Acid Methyl Ester; p-Methylbenzenesulfonic Acid Methyl Ester;
Appearance: Clear Colorless to Pale Yellow Oil to Low Melting Solid
Storage: Room Temp.

ProductsCAS Number
Ammonium formate540-69-2
4-Chlorobenzyl chloride104-83-6