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China CAS 57260-73-8 Supplier

Chemical Name N-Boc-ethylenediamine
CAS No. 57260-73-8
Molecular Formula: C₇H₁₆N₂O₂
Molecular Weight: 160.21


Applications: N-Boc-ethylenediamine is used in the synthesis of Thyronamine derivatives and analogs.
Synonyms: tert-Butyl N-(2-Aminoethyl)carbamate; N-(2-Aminoethyl)carbamic Acid 1,1-Dimethylethyl Ester; (2-Aminoethyl)carbamic Acid tert-Butyl Ester; 1,1-Dimethylethyl (2-Aminoethyl)carbamate; tert-Butyl N-(2-Aminoethyl)carbamate; tert-Butyl [(2-Aminoethyl)amino]formate;
Appearance: Clear Colourless Oil
Storage: Refrigerator

Products CAS Number
Dibutylamine 111-92-2
Sodium Dimethyl Dithiocarbamate (Sdd/Sdmc) 128-04-1
Cyproheptadine HCL 969-33-5
Uniconazole 83657-22-1
Agomelatine 138112-76-2
Dithianon 3347-22-6