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Chemical NameN-Methylaniline
CAS No.100-61-8
Molecular Formula:C7H9N
Molecular Weight:107.15


Applications: Used as an ash-less non-metallic organic octane booster, can efficiently improve the octane number to a satisfying result with a appropriate dosage. It also applies as pesticide intermediate, dyestuff intermediate, pharmaceutical intermediate and organic synthetic materials.
Synonyms: Benzenamine, N-methyl-; Aniline, N-methyl-; N-methylbenzenamine; (Methylamino)benzene; Anilinomethane; Methylphenylamine; N-Methylphenylamine; N-Monomethylaniline; N-Phenylmethylamine; N-Methylaminobenzene; Monomethylaniline; Methylaniline; Benzeneamine, N-methyl-; UN 2294; NSC 3502;MONOMETHYLANILINE; N-METHYLANILINE; N-METHYLAMINOBENZENE; N-MONOMETHYLANILINE; (Methylamino)benzene; Benzenamine, N-methyl-; Benzenenamine, N-methyl-; methylaniline(non-specificname);N-Methylaniline;Anilinomethane; Benzenamine, N-methyl-; (Methylamino) benzene; N-Methylaminobenzene; Methylaniline N-Methylbenzenamine; Methylphenylamine; N-Methylphenylamine; Monomethyl aniline; N-Monomethylaniline N-Phenylmethylamine;
Appearance: Light yellow liquid
Storage: Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from heatignition sources.
Melting Point : -57 (°C)
Boiling Point: 196.2 (°C)
Flash Point: 78.89(°C)
Solubility: Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.

Excellent QualityFirst-class QualityQualified
AppearanceLight yellow liquid
N-methyl aniline purity % ≥           99.5099.0098.50
N,N-dimethylaniline % ≤0.500.700.90
Aniline % ≤
Low Boiling Compound % ≤
High Boiling Compound % ≤
Water % ≤
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