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Chemical Name Nootropics Phenibut hcl Powder
CAS No. 1078-21-3
Molecular Formula: C10H14ClNO2
EINECS 214-079-6
Molecular Weight: 215.68



1.Phenibut is a derivative of the naturally occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA.
2.Phenibut is used by bodybuilders to reduce fatigue and improve neurological functions.
3.Phenibut has been and is still used medically to treat stress, relieve tension, improve sleep, and as a potentiate for other medications.
Synonyms: TIMTEC-BB SBB001567;PHENIBUT;4-amino-3-phenylbutanoicacid;4-amino-3-phenyl-butyricaci;beta-(aminomethyl)-benzenepropanoicaci;beta-(aminomethyl)benzenepropanoicacid;beta-(aminomethyl)hydrocinnamicacid;beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyrate;
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder

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