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CAS# 64-04-0 Supplier

Chemical NamePhenethylamine
CAS No.64-04-0
Molecular Formula:C₈H₁₁N
Molecular Weight:121.18


Applications: Phenethylamine is a psychoactive drug and stimulant that affects dopamine levels. It uses a mechanism of inverse agonism at the D2 dopamine receptor to achieve this effect. Phenylethylamine functions as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system.
Synonyms: Benzeneethanamine; (2-Aminoethyl)benzene; (β-Aminoethyl)benzene; 1-Amino-2-phenylethane; 2-Amino-1-phenylethane; 2-Phenethylamine; 2-Phenyl-1-ethylamine; 2-Phenylethanamine; 2-Phenylethaneamine; 2-Phenylethylamine; Ethanamine, 2-phenyl-; N-(2-Phenylethyl)amine; NSC 10811; PEA; Phenylethylamine; o-PEA; β-Phenethylamine; β-Phenylethylamine;
Appearance: Clear Colourless to Light Yellow Oil
Storage: Store at Refrigerator, under inert atmosphere

ProductsCAS Number
Tungstic Acid 91.5%7783-03-1
Tosyl Chloride(PTSC)98-59-9