Project Description

Chemical Name Polycaprolactone
CAS No. 24980-41-4
Molecular Formula: (C6H10O2)n / (C6H10O2)x
EINECS 208-750-2
Molecular Weight: 60000~80000


1, Drug carrier, Organ and tissue culture frame
2, Biodegradable Suture
3, High strength film and filiform molding material.
4, Material in medical, industrial, plastic art and toy
5, Organic coloring agent ,thermo-autotype ink, thermal fusion tackifier
Synonyms: caprolactone homopolymer;Polycaprolactone,2-Oxepanone homopolymer, 6-Caprolactone polymer;2-Oxepanone polyesters;6-Hexanolide homopolymer;Caprolactone oligomer;Polycaprolactone,viscosity >11.25 dL/g;Polycaprolactone,viscosity 0.30~0.75 dL/g;Polycaprolactone,viscosity 0.75~1.25 dL/g;
Appearance: White granule

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