Project Description

Chemical Name Polyvinyl Alcohol
CAS No. 9002-89-5
Molecular Formula: C2H4O
EINECS 209-183-3
Molecular Weight: 27.04522


Applications: It’s used as an adhesive in lumbering and paper-marking industies. Used as a soil improving agent, pesticide reinforcing agent and PVA thin film in agriculture. Used as a well-fixing agent in pertroleum exploitation . It can also be used into cosmetic, medicine, printing, ceramics ,steel-marking, electronics and plating.
Synonyms: polyvinylalcohol;Alcotex 17F-H; Alcotex 88/05; Alcotex 88/10; Alcotex 99/10; Alkotex; Alvyl; Aracet APV; Cipoviol W 72;Poly(vinyl alcohol);
Appearance: White Transparent Solid(powder/granule)

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