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China CAS 91-22-5 Suppliers

Chemical Name Bromopentafluorobenzene
CAS No. 344-04-7
Molecular Formula: C₆BrF₅
Molecular Weight: 246.96


Applications: Quinoline is a starting material that may be transformed by bacteria and fungi to produce intermediates useful for the synthesis of drugs. Used in the synthesis of tertiary alcohol modulators of RORγ (1) which appears to have various biological functions. Also derivatives of quinoline have been seen to promote anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral activity, however quinoline itself is often seen as an environmental contaminant (2,3). Drinking water contaminant candidate list 3 (CCL 3) compound as per United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), environmental, and food contaminants.
Synonyms: 1-Benzaine ;1-Benzine;ai3-01241 ;B 500;b-500 ;Chinoleine;chinolin(czech) ;Chinoline;1-Azanaphthalene; Benzo[b]pyridine; Benzopyridine; Leucol; Leucoline; Leukol; NSC 3396;
Appearance: Clear Colourless Oil
Storage: Room Temp

Products CAS Number
4-Hydroxybenzyl Alcohol 623-05-2
N,N’-Carbonyldiimidazole 530-62-1
Saccharin sodium dihydrate 6155-57-3
Oxalic acid anhydrous 144-62-7
Valsartan 137862-53-4
Sodium 2-ethylhexyl sulfate 126-92-1