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China CAS 7647-15-6 Supplier

Chemical Name Sodium Bromide
CAS No. 7647-15-6
Molecular Formula: NaBr
Molecular Weight: 102.89


Applications: Sodium Bromide is an inorganic compoiund used as a catalyst in the photoinduced polymerization of acrylates.
Synonyms: bromuredesodium ;Hydrobromic acid sodium salt;NaBr;Sedoneural;Sodium bromide (NaBr);sodiumbromide(nabr) ;sodiumbromide[na3br3] ;trisodiumtribromide;
Appearance: White Powder
Storage: Room Temp

Products CAS Number
Fmoc-Osu 82911-69-1
Isobutylamine 78-81-9
Trimethyl borate 121-43-7
Lysozyme Chloride 9066-59-5
N-Acetylsulfanilyl chloride 121-60-8
Sulfadiazine 68-35-9