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Chemical NameSorbitol Power
CAS No.50-70-4
Molecular Formula:C6H14O6
Molecular Weight:182.17


Applications: Used in Sweetener; Moisturizing agent (mainly for diabetes, liver disease, cholecystitis patients etc); So agent;  Organization improver (such as can make the cake and organization, prevent starch aging); The synthesis of vitamin C raw material; Glycerin substitute. Drink a cover after the role of saccharin sodium bitter and sweet taste thick heavy things. EEC used in chocolate, candy, ice cream, edible pigment thinner; Effect of jam; Cake precast powder; paste, etc.
Synonyms: A-625/641ABS 301K;A-625/641ABS 500FR-1;Cholaxine;component of Probilagol;Cystosol;Diakarmon;D-Sobit ;d-Sorbite;
Appearance: White powder

Please contact MainChem Co, Ltd. for any questions regarding Sorbitol Powder. We would be happy to provide a quote, a sample, or further information regarding it, Sorbitol MSDS -Material Safety Data Sheet and Sorbitol CAS 50-70-4 COA-Certificate of Analysis, Product Data Sheet – in PDF Document.

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