Project Description

Chemical NameSuccinic Anhydride
CAS No.108-30-5
Molecular Formula:C4H4O3
Molecular Weight:100.07


Applications: Used as paper coating, thickening agent, stabilizing agent and packaging agent.
Octenyl succinic anhydride also can be used as curing agent of epoxy resin, curing material has toughness, moisture resistance and excellent electrical properties. OSA and other anhydride curing agent in the proper proportion of the mixed use, can get better performance of the cured product.
Synonyms: 2,5(3H,4H)-Furandione;5-Furandione,dihydro-2 ;bernsteinsaureanhydrid ;Bernsteinsaure-anhydrid;dihydro-5-furandione ;Dihydro-furan-2,5-dione ;NCI-C55696;Oxolan-2,5-dione;
Appearance: White flaky crystal

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