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China CAS 1643-19-2 Supplier

Chemical Name Tetrabutylammonium Bromide
CAS No. 1643-19-2
Molecular Formula: C₁₆H₃₆BrN
Molecular Weight: 322.37


Applications: Tetrabutylammonium Bromide is used in the synthesis of polymer solar cells. Also used in the synthesis of single component green-light emitting electrochemical cells.
Synonyms: N,N,N-Tributyl-1-butanaminium Bromide; Tetrabutylammonium Bromide; AP 6G; Actiron 43-65; Aliquat 100; Mastermix MB 4988; TBAB; Tetra-n-butylammonium Bromide;
Appearance: White to Off-White Solid
Storage: Room Temp, Under Inert Atmosphere

Products CAS Number
Erythromicyn thiocyanate 7704-67-8
Ethyl Acetoacetate 141-97-9
DL-sec-Butyl acetate 105-46-4
Rizatriptan benzoate 145202-66-0
Guanidine Carbonate 593-85-1
o-Toluidine 95-53-4