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Chemical NameTitanium tetrachloride
CAS No.7550-45-0
Molecular Formula:Cl4Ti
Molecular Weight:189.68


Applications: Titanium Tetrachloride is widely used in Production of metal titanium, titanium dichloride,organic titanium compounds,titanate and smog bomb;important composition of producing acryl and ethylene catalyst.
Synonyms: TiCl4; Titanium chloride (TiCl4) (T-4)-; Titanium(IV) chloride; Titanic chloride; Titanium(IV)tetrachloride; Titanium chloride; Tetrachlorure de titane; Titaantetrachloride; Titantetrachlorid; UN 1838; Titanium chloride (TiCl4);EC 231-441-9; EINECS 231-441-9; HSDB 870; Tetrachlorotitanium; Tetrachlorure de titane; Tetrachlorure de titane [French]; Titaantetrachloride; Titaantetrachloride [Dutch]; Titane (tetrachlorure de); Titane (tetrachlorure de) [French]; Titanic chloride; Titanio (tetracloruro di); Titanio (tetracloruro di) [Italian]; Titanium chloride; Titanium chloride (TiCl4); Titanium chloride (TiCl4), (T-4)-; Titanium tetrachloride; Titantetrachlorid; Titantetrachlorid [German]; UNII-8O3PJE5T7Q; Titanium chloride (TiCl4); Titanium chloride (TiCl4) (beta-4)-; Titanium chloride (TiCl4) (T-4)-; Titanium tetrachloride; Superlist Names Titanium chloride, (T-4)-; Titanium tetrachloride; Titanium tetrachloride [UN1838] [Corrosive]; UN1838;;Titanium tetrachloride;Titanium chloride; Titanium (IV) chloride;
Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liqiud

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