Project Description

Chemical Name Tolyltriazole (TTA)
CAS No. 136-85-6
Molecular Formula: C7H7N3
EINECS 205-265-8
Molecular Weight: 133.15


Applications: It widely used as multi-functional petroleum additive, with resistance to abrasion, corrosion, oxidation and rust. it also has protective effect on stianless steel, Iron, cadmium alloy and nickel alloy.
Synonyms: 5-Methyl-1H-benzo-1,2,3-triazole;5-methyl-1h-benzotriazol ;m-Tolylazoimide ;Retrocure G;Vulkalent TM;TIMTEC-BB SBB007732;5MBT;5-METHYL-1H-BENZOTRIAZOLE;
Appearance: White to pale yellow needle-like powder
Package: net weight is 40kg, paper barrel, black plastic bag lining, or according to demand of clients.

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