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China CAS 149-73-5 Supplier

Chemical Name Trimethyl Orthoformate
CAS No. 149-73-5
Molecular Formula: C₄H₁₀O₃
Molecular Weight: 106.12


Applications: Trimethyl Orthoformate is a reagent in the synthesis of CDK2/Cyclin A as antitumor agents derived from 3-aminopyrazole molecules. Also used in the preparation of PLD1/PLD2 selective inhibitors that decrease invasive migration of glioblastoma cells often associated with tumor progression.
Synonyms: orthoformicacidmethylester ;Orthomravencan methylnaty;orthomravencanmethylnaty ;orthomravencanmethylnaty(czech) ;trimethoxy-methan ;Trimethylester kyseliny orthomravenci;trimethylesterkyselinyorthomravenci ;trimethyl-formate;
Appearance: Clear Colourless Oil
Storage: Room Temp

Products CAS Number
DL-alpha-Methylbenzylamine 618-36-0
Dodecyl Amine 124-22-1
hydroxypropylcellulose 9004-64-2
Crotonic Acid 107-93-7
Dibasic Ester (DBE) 95481-62-2
Fmoc-Ala 35661-39-3