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China CAS 121-33-5 Supplier

Chemical Name Vanillin
CAS No. 121-33-5
Molecular Formula: C₈H₈O₃
Molecular Weight: 152.15


Applications: The primary component of Vanilla bean extract.
Synonyms: 4-Hydroxy-3-(methoxy)benzaldehyde; 2-(Methoxy)-4-formylphenol; p-Vanillin; 3-(Methoxy)-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde; 4-Formyl-2-(methoxy)phenol; 4-Hydroxy-m-anisaldehyde; H 0264; Lioxin; Rhovanil; Vanillaldehyde; Vanillic Aldehyde; NSC 403658; NSC 15351;
Appearance: White to Off-White Solid
Storage: Refrigerator

Products CAS Number
L-Homophenylalanine 943-73-7
Mesitylene 108-67-8
N,N-Dimethylbenzamide 611-74-5
Oxaliplatin 61825-94-3
N-Formylmorpholine 4394-85-8
Lovastatin 75330-75-5