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Chemical Name Isopropanol
CAS No. 67-63-0
Molecular Formula: C3H8O
Molecular Weight: 60.1
EINECS: 200-661-7
Appearance  Powder
Melting point -89.5 °C
Flash point 53 °F
Boiling point 82 °C(lit.)
Storage temp. Flammables area
Density 0.785 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)



Isopropanol is also known as dimethylcarbinol and 2-propanol. It is the simplest secondary alcohol and is one of the isomers of n-propanol. It is a kind of flammable liquid which is colorless with strong smell being similar to the smell of the mixture of ethanol and acetone. It is soluble in water, alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform and most organic solvents and is miscible with water, alcohol, ether and can form azeotrope with water. Density (specific gravity): 0.7863g/cm3, melting point:-88.5 ℃, boiling point: 82.5 ℃, flash point: 11.7 ℃, ignition point: 460 ℃, refractive index: 1.3772. Its vapor can cause slight irritation on the eyes, nose and throat; it can be absorbed through the skin.


Isopropanol is a carrier, anti-bacterial, and solvent for skin care lotions. Isopropyl alcohol is made from propylene, a petroleum derivative.


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RIDADR:  UN 1648 3 / PGII

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