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M-Toluidine | CAS # 108-44-1

Chemical NameM-Toluidine
CAS No.108-44-1
Molecular Formula:C₇H₉N
Molecular Weight:107.15

Product Specifications

Applications: m-Toluidine is a reagent that is used in the synthesis of torsemide and its derivatives which are used as a diuretic.
Synonyms: m-Methylphenyl)amine; 1-Amino-3-methylbenzene; 3-Aminophenylmethane; 3-Aminotoluene; 3-Methylaniline; 3- Methylbenzenamine; 3-Methylphenylamine; 3-Toluidine; NSC 15349; m-Aminotoluene; m-Methylaniline; m-Tolylamine

Appearance: Liquid

Storage: Store at room temperature