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CAS# 141-43-5 Supplier Distributor

Chemical NameMonoethanolamine
CAS No.141-43-5
Molecular Formula:C₂H₇NO
Molecular Weight:61.08


Applications: Ethanolamine is used in the preparation of various pharmaceutical compounds and inhibitors. Substituted carboxamides are synthesized using Ethanolamine that show potent antitumor activity. Also used in the synthesis of aminoquinolones which display anti-plasmodial activity.
Synonyms: 1-Amino-2-hydroxyethane; 2-Amino-1-ethanol; 2-Aminoethanol; 2-Aminoethyl alcohol; 2-Ethanolamine; 2-Hydroxyethanamine; 2-Hydroxyethylamine; Aminoethanol; Colamine; ETA; Envision Conditioner PDD 9020; Ethanolamine; Ethylolamine; Glycinol; Kolamin; MEA; MEA (alcohol); MEA 90; MEA-LCI; Mealan; Monoethanolamine; Olamine; R 100; R 100 (amine); Seramine; β-Aminoethanol; β-Aminoethyl alcohol; β-Ethanolamine; β-Hydroxyethylamine; 2-Aminoethanol;
Appearance: Clear Colourless Oil
Storage: Room Temp.

ProductsCAS Number
Streptomycin sulphate inject grade3810-74-0
Sodium benzoate532-32-1
Coenzyme Q10 10%/20%/40% Food Grade303-98-0