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Chemical Name Potassium bromide
CAS No.7758-02-3
Molecular Formula:BrK
Molecular Weight:119
Appearance Powder
Melting point734 °C(lit.)
Flash point1435°C
Boiling point58.8 °C(lit.)
Storage temp.2-8°C
Density3.119 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)



Odorless colorless crystals or white crystalline powder or white granular solid with a pungent bitter saline taste. Aqueous solutions are neutral (pH about 7).


Potassium bromide can be used as analytical reagents and developers, but also for the pharmaceutical industry.
It can be used as the emulsion reagents for the filmstrip and photo film; used for formulating developer, used as a sedative in medical treatment.
In photographic materials, Potassium bromide is used in the manufacture of photographic film, developer, film thickener, toner and color photo bleach. In medication, it is used as nerve tranquilizers (tribromide). In addition, it is also used for chemical analysis reagents, the transmission of the spectra and infrared ray, for making special soap as well as being used in sculpture, lithography and so on.
It can be used for the preforming in the infrared test.


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RIDADR:  UN 1744 8/PG 1

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