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Propylene glycol
Chemical Name Propylene glycol
CAS No. 57-55-6
Molecular Formula: C3H8O2
Molecular Weight: 76.09
EINECS: 200-338-0
Appearance Liquid
Melting point -60 °C
Flash point 225 °F
Boiling point 187 °C(lit.)
Storage temp. Store at RT.
Density 1.036 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)



It is a colorless, stable and viscous hydroscopic liquid, and is almost odorless and tasteless. It is miscible with water, ethanol and various organic solvents.


1. It is used as a resin, a plasticizer, a surfactant, and materials for emulsifier and demulsifier. It is also used as antifreeze and heat carrier.
2. It is used as gas chromatography stationary phase, solvents, antifreeze, a plasticizer and a dehydrating agent.
3. A carrier solvent; wetting agents; moisturizing agents; anti-caking agents; antioxidants; texturizing agents; surfactant; stabilizer; a thickener; dough modifiers; emulsifiers; flavoring agents; excipient; processing aids.


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