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Sarcosine Distributor | CAS# 107-97-1 Supplier

Chemical NameSarcosine
CAS No.107-97-1
Molecular Formula:C₃H₇NO₂
Molecular Weight:89.09

Product Specifications

Applications: Sarcosine (CAS NO. 107-97-1) is a type 1 glycine transporter inhibitor and a glycine agonist that may be useful for treating schizophrenia (1). Sarcosine is also a marker for prostate cancer bioagression (2).
Synonyms: N-Methylglycine; (Methylamino)acetic Acid; (Methylamino)ethanoic Acid; N-Methylglycocoll; Methylglycine; Sarcosin; Sarcosinic Acid; Sar;
Appearance: White to Off-White Solid
Storage: Store at Refrigerator

ProductsCAS Number
2-Methyl Furan534-22-5
Trichloroacetic acid76-03-9
Isopropanol (IPA)67-63-0