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Tosyl isocyanate | CAS# 4083-64-1

Chemical NameTosyl isocyanate ;   p-Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate
CAS No.4083-64-1
Molecular Formula:C₈H₇NO₃S
Molecular Weight:197.21

Product Specifications

Applications: Tosyl isocyanate ( CAS# 4083-64-1 ) p-Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate has been used to react with a prepolymer with the OH-functionality.
Synonyms: 4-Methylbenzenesulfonyl Isocyanate; 4-Methylphenylsulfonyl Isocyanate; 4-Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate; Additive TI; PTSI; Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate; Tosyl Isocyanate; p-Methylbenzenesulfonyl Isocyanate; p-Methylphenylsulfonyl Isocyanate; p-Tosyl Isocyanate
Appearance: liquid

ProductsCAS Number
Potassium bromide7758-2-3
Tylosin Tartarte74610-55-2