Project Description

Trifluoroacetic Anhydride Distributor | CAS# 407-25-0 Supplier

Chemical Name Trifluoroacetic Anhydride
CAS No. 407-25-0
Molecular Formula: C₄F₆O₃
Molecular Weight: 210.03

Product Specifications

Applications: Trifluoroacetic Anhydride  407-25-0  Trifluoroacetic Anhydride (CAS Number 407-25-0) is used to the esterification of cholesterol and phenol.
Synonyms: 2,2,2-Trifluoroacetic Acid 1,1’-Anhydride; Trifluoroacetic Acid Anhydride; 2,2,2-Trifluoroacetic Anhydride; Bis(trifluoroacetic) Anhydride; Hexafluoroacetic Anhydride; NSC 96965; Perfluoroacetic Anhydride; Trifluoroacetic Acid Anhydride; Trifluoroacetyl Anhydride; TFAA
Appearance: Clear Colourless Liquid
Storage: Store at Refrigerator, Hygroscopic, under inert atmosphere

Products CAS Number
N-Methylaniline (NMA) 100-61-8
D-xylose 58-86-6
Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl (MMT) 12108-13-3
L-Alaninol 2749-11-3