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Xylitol Distributor | CAS# 87-99-0 Supplier

Chemical NameXylitol
CAS No.87-99-0
Molecular Formula:C₅H₁₂O₅
Molecular Weight:152.15

Product Specifications

Applications: Xylitol, is a lower-calorie alternative to table sugar. Studies have shown xylitol chewing gum can help prevent acute otitis media. Xylitol is categorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a food additive.
Synonyms: Xyliton; C-Xylidex CR 16055; DL-Xylitol; Eutrit; Fluorette; Klinit; Kylit; NSC 25283; Wood sugar alcohol; X 0018; Xylisorb; Xylisorb 300; Xylisorb 700; Xylit; Xylit XC; Xylitab 100; Xylitab 300; Xylitab DC; Xylite; Xylite (sugar); Xylitol C; Xylitol CM 90; Xylitol P; Xyliton; meso-Xylitol; xylo-Pentitol

Appearance: White to Off-White Solid
Storage: Store at Refrigerator

ProductsCAS Number
Trifluoroacetic acid76-05-1
Xanthan Gum11138-66-2
Terpinyl Acetate616-38-6
Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD)77-73-6