Ensuring safe, drinkable water is a key part of any business. Whether you’re in health care, personal care, or the food industry, it’s imperative that your water is free from contamination. MainChem Co., Ltd., a water treatment chemical supplier, goes through the six signs that your water may be contaminated. Chlorine,Escherichia Coli (E. Coli),Minerals,Oil or Gas,Scale and Sediment,Sulfur .

Do you know HOW the chemical products work on water treatment

Poly Aluminium Cholride PAC CAS

[1327-41-9] for Water Treatment

The product is high-efficient, cheap and nontoxic inorganic high molecular compound. The liquid is colorless or light yellow and transparent; the solid is light yellow powder. It is easily soluble in water. In the hydrolytic process, it is accompanied by chemical processes such as electrochemistry, coagulation, absorption, and precipitation. The product has the features including a wide applicable range of PH value, large granule, and quick speed in sedimentation. It is widely applied for treating domestic drinking water, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater.

water treatment agent poly aluminium chloride PAC powder,A new water purification materials, inorganic polymer coagulant, referred to as “poly aluminum, abbreviations for PAC (poly real aluminum chloride),

Polyelectrolyte PAM  Powder CAS 9003-05-8 for Water Treatment Agent

Polyelectrolyte CAS-9003-05-8

Industrial use water treatment Aluminium sulfate Powder CAS 10043-01-3
Mainly used in the purification of potable water, industrial sewage, stuff sizing in the paper industry, and as a clarifying agent in the oil production industry, and as deodorization and decoloration agent in the oil industry, and even widely applied in Leather Tanning and pigment manufacture and so on.

Water Treatment Chemical Sodium Chlorite 80% White Powder
Sodium chlorite is mainly used to manufacture chlorine dioxide; blanch of textile, paper plip, oil; drinking water and polluted water treatment; certain metal surface active handle.

Sodium Chlorite

MainChem technical team has 5 years of sewage treatment experience and can deal with all kinds of sewage treatment projects. We can provide targeted technical guidance and improve the water treatment effect.

Our main product is poly ferric sulphate, poly aluminium chloride, iron trichloride, discoloring agent, Solid ferric sulfate, polyacrylamide, calcium hydroxide and so on. Products are widely used in papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, electroplating, leather, pharmaceutical, electronics, smelting, fermentation, tobacco, food processing and other industrial sewage treatment and municipal sewage treatment and drinking water purification treatment.

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