water treatment

We offer you a series of effective solutions in the area of water chemistry. Our flocculating agents, which are produced using starch, help you to separate solids from dirty water. Regardless of whether it’s for tunnel construction, water control or countless other applications: our cooperation with a globally leading manufacturer guarantees you usable products at the highest level for the long term.

Innovative and patented products for the disinfection of drinking water are also part of our portfolio.

Nearly every manufacturer has a need for either purification of water for the manufacturing process, or to clean a waste stream/effluent. MainChem Company is a trusted supplier of a diverse number of products used for either application. Many of the following products are also available in custom packaging, including 1 gal, 5 gal, 15 gal, 55 gal and bulk on liquids, to nearly any size required on dry chemicals. We can also custom blend any percentage to meet your requirements. MainChem Company is the water treatment chemical supplier you can trust for all your wastewater chemicals.

Regardless of whether it’s fats in the waste water, disrupted nitrification at sewage works or fuel leakages, we supply you with ecological and lasting solutions!


Product NameProduct Name
Acids and BasesFlocculants:
  Aluminum Sulfate Dry/Liquid
Antifreeze  Ferric Chloride Dry/Liquid
  Ammonium Sulfate
  Calcium HypochloriteMetal/Mineral Control
  Sodium Hypochlorite
  Stabilized ChlorineOdor Controls
CoagulantsOxidizing Agents