“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”
These inspirational words by Thomas Edison propelled us to develop our idea about online sourcing that leads to the birth of MainChem. With a clear vision in mind and a dedicated team of professionals began the journey of MainChem, ONE-STOP solution for Chemicals Sourcing from China, a comprehensive online platform that will eventually lead to a metamorphosis in the functioning of the development of novel products in the chemical industry.

Mainchem is an international integrated chemical company, Specialty Chemicals Supplier, as a worldwide operating manufacturer and supplier of Chemicals, Mainchem is dedicated to excellence in the area of providing the highest quality products and service, and develop to a specialist “full service sourcing” company for its customers, in the field of production, distribution, sourcing, outsourcing, blending mixing of chemicals.

Mission: To accelerate your projects and help you reach your goals

Our mission is simple.
we solve the problems
others seem to ignore.

At Mainchem, you will find China chemicals with more than 30’000 individual CAS Numbers. and REACH Chemicals List.
If you can’t find it in our bulk catalog, we are still able to support you in sourcing the right product at the right quality.
Mainchem offers a comprehensive Product ranging from API, Biochemicals, Petrochemical, Specialty.

97% of Customers who have worked with us at least once have maintained long-term cooperation.
Contact us, together we will find a solution for your chemical needs, We enable businesses to operate in a more efficient way!

MainChem-Your most potential chemical supplier, as below:

1. you can get Certificate of Analysis and most certificated products from us with SGS, GMP, REACH, EURESEARCH certifications
2. Excellent after-sale service ensure you no more worried
3. You can get the Samples before formal Order.

  • Traceable quality evaluation
  • Favorable orders follow-up management
  • Laudable lead-time & shipment control
  • Flexible payment terms & Remarkable after-sale service
  • Mainchem owns the ability to provide products from kilograms to tons.
  • Mainchem has many experienced experts and excellent manufacturing equipment.
  • Providing the reliable quality, competitive prices and priority service to our customers.
  • We offer free support because we care about your samples as much as your orders.
  • We have rich experience in handling orders for heavy buyers with professional process.