MainChem provides contract manufacture services with custom synthesis capability of Initial research, process development, lab trials, pilot production and scaling up to commercial size production.

MainChem has established an experienced professional team. At the same time, we have established cooperative relations with a number of universities and research institutes.

With the alliance of 3 associated main laboratories located in Shanghai Chemical Research Institute Center, Nantong Chemical institute, and Shanghai Organic institute, we take part in a lot of advanced materials R&D works.

Constantly improve the R & D CENTER infrastructure AND improve R & D equipment conditions, and equipped with a full range of organic synthesis equipment and excellent first-class detection analysis, testing equipment.

Thanks to the professional chemists and engineers hard-work spirit, we successfully develop some applicable intermediates and specialty raw materials for our principal needs. MainChem associated laboratories combined the institute research ability and fine chemical plants capacity to make a total newly research and development area.
Our R&D only focus on 2 specialty chemical areas – Advanced intermediates for industry and pharma

Our company focuses on basic research and large-scale Chemical Synthesis We have laboratories with production capacity ranging from gram level to kilogram level, pilot plants with production capacity ranging from 10kg to 1000kg level and workshops with production capacity exceeding tonnage level Our company can provide customers from grams to tonnage level of products, from early clinical development to listed to provide reliable protection.

To meet the challenge of producing quality products at different scales in a tight schedule, our company has designed and built large-scale, modern production equipment. We have various sizes of reactors and ancillary facilities including filters, centrifuges, dryers and packaging equipment. Single-fluid Cooling and heating systems add flexibility and efficiency to the shop floor.